Technical InformationInk dispenser

UV / conventional / low migration offset inks

The Smart-Doser ink dispensing system is designed to meet the flexible requirements of printers. Thanks to its ability to dispense the smallest batches with stable repeatability, return inks are virtually eliminated. Dispensing can be done by any employee independently, i.e. it is possible to repeat dispensing of any existing recipe at any time without support of ink kitchen personnel.

Base colors are extracted directly from the delivery containers, and the configuration of the base material stock is extremely flexible. Ink dispenser

Batch tracing module, interfaces to a color matching system and ERP system, log recording provide comprehensive integration and quality control.

Number of components:       up to 24
Dispensing volume:              0,5 kg up to 10 kg
Dispensing accuracy:            < 0.15 g
Storage container:                2.5 kg / 5 kg vacuum can
                                             10 l / 25 l pail
                                             200 l drum
Annual output:                     up to 25 t with pneumatic pumps
                                             up to 150 t with electric pumps

Automatic can handling system

  • Fully automatic dispensing
  • Random placement of dispensing cans
  • Optionally with can stacker