L-Type Dispenser

L-Type Dispenser

Technical InformationInk dispensing system

Conventional offset inks / ink concentrates / adhesives

The L-Type industrial ink dispensing system is designed for large print shops with big dispensing volumes of traditional offset inks and additives, as well as for offset ink manufacturers. The system can be equipped with both small and floor scales. Electric pumps quietly dispense high-viscosity materials, while double diaphragm pumps are used to dispense liquid components.   

Recipes and production orders can be imported from ERP or entered directly at the control terminal. Integrated material management system with customized interfaces provides comprehensive data processing.
Ink dispensing system

Number of components:       up to 20 
Dispensing volume:              0,5 kg up to 300 kg
Dispensing accuracy:           < 0.1 g
Storage container:                10 l / 25 l pail
                                             200 l drum
Annual output:                     up to 150 t 

Proven technology for demanding requirements

  • Quiet, electrically driven pumps with frequency converter
  • Multi-stage dosing valve with long lifetime
  • Fully automatic scraper for clean operation