Dispensing Systems

Dispensing systems – variety of applications

Tecos Bruhin industrial dispensing systems are designed for processing between 12 and 64 components. The focus is on the dispensing of high viscous materials. There are practically no limits to the applications: dispensing systems operate successfully in a variety of applications – from offset printing inks, security inks and UV offset inks, through coatings, paints and additives, to sealants and adhesives, cosmetics and fragrances. Dispensing systems are based on individually combined standard components.

Paints and varnishes

  • water and solvent-based products for industrial and automotive paints
  • Coil Coating, wood protection
  • Dispersions, building protection
  • modular “In Can Tinting Systems”

Printing inks

  • Offset- and security printing inks
  • Tube printing inks, varnish, dryers
  • Water- and solvent based gravure and flexo inks, screen and pad printing inks
  • UV-curing inks, coatings, adhesives,
  • Artist paints, food colors, hardeners,
  • Base color systems for printing houses, especially for the packaging industry

Cosmetics / Fragrances / Chemistry

  • Cosmetic products, such as care products and nail polishes
  • Perfumes and flavors, Chemical products
  • Silicones, latex, additives, solvents
  • Lubricants, such as fats and oils








Adhesives and sealants, coatings

  • Coatings, liquid sealants
  • Adhesives, resins, grout and putty
  • Sealants, flow agents
  • corrosion protection inhibitors

laboratory applications

  • Automation of laboratory processes for all industries
  • Storage and dispensing of small quantities
  • highest accuracy and repeatability, easily exchangeable storage containers of different sizes