Ink Dispensing Systems

Ink dispensing systems with Swiss precision


Ink dispensing system

Ink dispensing systems of Tecos Bruhin pursue the proverbial Swiss precision of always having the right quantity in the right place at the right time. Our customers can therefore rely on consistent top quality. Clever design, high performance and simple operation: ink dispenser of Tecos Bruhin reflects the state-of-the-art.

Your benefits: high flexibility in dispensing low- and high-viscosity raw materials, greater safety, increased profitability.

Offset and flexo automatic ink dispensing systems guarantee reproducibility of the formulations of your printing inks and help to reduce human error. Flexible personnel deployment by simple additional dispensing without ink room manager becomes possible, storage and purchase costs of printing inks can be reduced, as well as interruptions in your production.


Tecos Bruhin ink dispenser is a significant contribution to lean management. Flexo ink dispenser FLEXjet makes it possible to reduce press returns drastically, whereas with offset ink dispensing systems SMART-DOSER reducing of leftovers almost to zero can be achieved. This is done by re-use of returned ink in the next print job. Alternatively, ink dispensing system software allows collecting residual inks in storage containers and define them as a new base colour for new dispensing orders. 


Batch traceability on ink dispenser is part of your company’s quality assurance. This will enable you to trace usage of  basic components in every print job. Errors in the course of production can be identified and quickly corrected. Comprehensive tools for creating protocols make clear your processes on the ink dispensing system.

Ink dispenser


Interface to colour management system is basic requirement for dispensing of spot colours. For seamless data exchange, the software of ink dispenser can be integrated into ERP system. With can handling system, operation of ink dispensing system can be automated and your staff can concentrate on other jobs during this time – a prerequisite for multi-shift operation and covering growing order volumes.